About Kansas City EXCEL

Heading to college is a milestone any parent and student would celebrate. The excitement of choosing an area of study, making lifelong friends and enjoying the traditions of living on campus is a once-in-a-lifetime experience — and a reality for many.

Now, it's quickly becoming a reality for young adults with intellectual disabilities. Across the U.S., a growing number of colleges and universities are opening their doors to individuals with special needs. Here in Kansas City, efforts are currently under way to bring those same opportunities to metropolitan residents through a grassroots campaign known as EXCEL - Expanding College for Exceptional Learners.

EXCEL is fortunate to have the support of Kansas City parents, educators, philanthropists, business professionals and social service providers working to partner with a post-secondary institution in the region on behalf of this effort. Most of these individuals have already broken new ground in seeing their children succeed at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Now it's on to college for this new generation of pioneers!

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For thousands of Kansas City families, the dream is within reach. And the momentum is growing. EXCEL has captured the attention of the region and the academic climate. Exciting times are ahead for young adults who may be challenged by Autism, Down syndrome or other intellectual impairments. We invite you to stay tuned to EXCEL's progress and join in the organization's resolve to make this dream a reality!